Caponord 1200



Race experience combined with technology.

Using years of experience gained from competing at the very top, Aprilia has made their technology available and accessible for everyone on the Caponord 1200. The electronic systems which are unique for their ease of use, effectiveness and reliability, include the Ride by Wire multi-map throttle, Traction Control and two-channel ABS.





Aprilia has revolutionised the road enduro segment by introducing a bike that is just as perfect for daily commuting as it is for having fun. The new Caponord 1200 fully exploits the experience Aprilia gas acquired from competing at the very top and makes the same technology available to everyone.

Technological, well made, sophisticated and refined, the Caponord 1200 boasts a series of standard fitted electronic systems that are for their ease of use, efficiency and reliability: these include a Ride by Wire multi map throttle, Traction Control with 3 settings in addition to 2 channel ABS.



The 90° V twin fitted to the Aprilia Caponord 1200 has been significantly modified to better suit the engine characteristics and has been manufactured with highly advanced manufacturing technology. Great attention has been paid to internal flow dynamics to improve combustion, reduce friction and optimise performance. Even from low revs, the smooth power delivery improves rider comfort and enhances the riding experience thanks to the high degree of torque available. What this means is more fun with better fuel consumption figures. The triple engine mapping system, which the rider can select even with the bike in motion, lets the rider choose from three distinct personalities each of which can instantly adapt to any possible riding requirement.

  • TOURING: fluid power delivery ideal for everyday riding and touring
  • SPORT: maximum performance with smooth direct power delivery
  • RAIN: maximum control and safety in conditions of poor grip

Mixed structure layout – HANDLING AND STABILITY

The layout consists of a mixture of a high resistance tubular steel frame fastened to cast aluminium side plates. This configuration offers a perfect balance between weight and the optimal values of torsional and longitudinal stiffness which add to handling and stability. The new rear subframe ensures stability when travelling fully loaded while the lateral positioning of the shock absorber which fastens the frame to the aluminium swingarm leaves plenty of room for the exhaust manifold. The Caponord 1200 has a manually adjustable shock absorber in spring preload and in rebound hydraulics as well as a completely adjustable USD fork rebound, compression and spring preload system with one-by-one technology.


technologyOn the Caponord 1200, efficiency and reliability reach new heights thanks to the Ride by Wire system which provides smooth power delivery even from low revs with instant throttle response from mid range to top. In addition to offering two-channel ABS and Traction Control (aTC ) with different three settings (each of which can be deactivated), the new Italian maxi enduro features completely digital instrumentation which includes a speedometer, rev counter, an overall and two elapsed distance odometers, fuel level and coolant temperature gauges, engine mapping (S,T,R) and gear indicator, aTC level and heated handgrip status (optional extra).


The typically Italian personality of the design combines with a slimline body and a sporting look that highlights the sheer style of the bike. The top fairing and windshield are height adjustable thus ensuring the best possible aerodynamics while still protecting the rider and passenger from air-flow. The handguards are especially useful and provide extra comfort when touring as do the side panels which have been designed be to unobtrusive but offer good protection. The relaxed upright riding position is the result of ergonomic research for a posture that allows the rider to completely control the bike without tiring over long distances. The saddle features elegant red stitching to give it a racing flavour and the silencer is height adjustable for an even more aggressive, sporty look.