RSV4 Factory ABS


Unparalleled for its clarity of design and technology.

The RSV4 ABS was designed around the only 4-cylinder 65° V engine ever to be fitted as standard to a road bike. The frame is the direct descendant of a dynasty which has won 18 titles and 143 grand prix in the 250 GP class and the bike has then been further enhanced by highly developed electronic management systems to improve both engine performance and handling.




From day one, the RSV4 Factory has been the benchmark in the supersport bike category. Year after year it has evolved without losing any of the incredible dynamic balance which took it to several WSBK titles, and to be nominated winner in lots of comparison of all sports bikes organised by the best known motorcycle magazines in the world. The ABS on the Aprilia RSV4 Factory signals yet another stage in the evolution of a dynasty of winning bikes. The aim was to improve on the previous version which was already seen as the absolute best and to consolidate the use of well proven technology. Better performance with better safety too. The Aprilia RSV4 Factory ABS becomes not only more powerful but also more ergonomic, stable and better under braking. It is also safer on the track and in road use thanks to the adoption of an exceptional new braking system fitted with multi-map ABS that can be adjusted or even disabled on the move.


V4 di 65°

The first high performance narrow V four cylinder engine in the world; the most revolutionary engine ever made by Aprilia is incomparable thanks to its unique “total electronics” package, its incredible lightness and super compact size, reaches a new stage in evolution. The engine has been updated and improved with particular attention paid to reducing internal friction and increasing casing ventilation. The exhaust system too has been remodelled to provide maximum performance working in combination with a finely tuned electronic management system. This brings the maximum power of the 65° V4 to 184 CV with torque now arriving at 117 Nm. The 3 distinct mappings (Track, Sport and Road), were matched to the new power and torque specifications of the V4 to provide even fuller and in-depth power output at any engine speed.



In keeping with consolidated Aprilia traditions, the aluminium frame of the RSV4 R exploits the strength and flexibility of cast and pressed components, which are welded together to form one structure, sets new benchmarks in terms of balance and dynamic efficiency. Torsional and flexional rigidity have been optimised to give the rider absolute control. This means that the Aprilia RSV4 R is not just a bike with devastating performance, but one whose greatest strength is precisely the incredible ease with which any rider can access its full potential. The swingarm also uses the same constructional technology as the frame and offers the same perfect balance between flexional and torsional stiffness to contribute to the extraordinary handling capabilities of the RSV4 R. The Factory version comes with Ohlins multi-adjustable suspension, ultralight forged alloy wheels and numerous finishing touches in carbon fibre and magnesium. The degree to which the suspension can be set is infinite: The RSV4 Factory is the only bike that offers adjustments to rake (through interchangeable bushes), swingarm height, swingarm spindle height and engine position in the frame, as standard. Exactly the same as seen on the best race bikes. The Aprilia RSV4 Factory ABS also features as standard a new front braking system with Brembo M430 monobloc radial calipers and a new radial pump on the handlebars. The rear brake caliper has been replaced by a more evolved, efficient system to optimise performance with the new front brake.



aPRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control), which comes as standard, is the well-known system control package that comes directly from race winning experience gained in the Superbike series. It is the most complete, sophisticated package there is out of those currently on the market. aPRC includes:

  • aTC: Aprilia Traction Control, automatically adjusts to different types of tyres, with 8 settings that can be conveniently selected on the move from a joystick on the left handlebar without closing the throttle;
  • aWC: Aprilia Wheelie Control, with three settings;
  • aLC: Aprilia Launch Control, for use on the track only, with 3 settings;
  • aQS: Aprilia Quick Shift, for ultra-fast gear shifting without closing the throttle or using the clutch.

On the Aprilia RSV4 Factory ABS, the aPRC system has been further developed: it now integrates even better with the full Ride by Wire electronic multi-map V4 engine management system to meet the specific needs of both road users and professional race riders. The performance of the system provides smoother power delivery for improved high speed cornering but does not penalise traction on exiting low speed bends. In addition to this second generation aPRC, the new RSV4 also adopts a highly advanced ABS multi-map system that ensures not just maximum safety on the road but even better performance on the track.


Aerodynamic efficiency – COMFORT AND PERFORMANCE

The Aprilia RSV4 is both the new and the future generation of supersports bikes: the key concept is to eliminate excess bodywork and leave only what is strictly necessary for aerodynamic efficiency. The sheer beauty of its technical components enhances a bike whose compactness would only have been possible in recent times on a smaller engined machine or a Grand Prix prototype. The technology used for the frame and engine is state-of-the-art and their combination makes the RSV4 the perfect companion for any rider wishing to push and improve their limits thanks to the feel provided by this technology.

The RSV4 R ABS also features the new fuel tank which has been modified not just to facilitate positioning the ABS but also to improve range and rider comfort. The tank capacity is now 18.5 litres (was 17) and pads on the side of the tank provide increased feel for the rider under braking and while cornering. This solution was taken directly from the RSV4s that race in the Superbike series.