RS4 125 Replica


After the success obtained over a twenty year period on both a commercial and sports level with RS 125 with a 2-stroke engine, (from 1993 to the present in more than 100,000 units and sold in more than 30 countries around the world), in 2011 Aprilia introduced its first eighth of a litre 4-stroke, directly derived from the RSV4, several times World Superbike champion. RS4 125 quickly became the most beloved and sought after sport bike among young people, who were immediately won over by its performance, safety and riding characteristics of a pure racer, placed at the service of daily mobility.

RS4 125

The RS4 50 and 125 pay tribute to Aprilia’s unparalleled collection of competition titles: 52 world titles and hundreds of championship races won, numbers which, in its brief history, have made Aprilia one of the most decorated brands in the world with 294 GP races won, leading to maximum confirmation of champions of the calibre of Biaggi, Rossi, Capirossi, Melandri, Stoner, Lorenzo.

Aprilia’s successful history also traces its way through the small engine street bikes identified by the RS abbreviation, which have always been the most beloved entry level motorcycles by young people.

After the affirmation of the sporty RS bikes, especially in the 125 version with 2-stroke engine (more than 100,000 units produced and sold since 1993 in more than 30 countries all over the world), Aprilia has completely revamped the range, introducing the RS4 in 2011, a true sport bike inspired directly by the RSV4 project. Aprilia RS4 50 and RS4 125 are the heirs to this important lineage, becoming the sport bike most sought after by young people, who were immediately attracted to the performance of the engines, the safety features and the sport riding characteristics, even if they are used for daily mobility.&

The Aprilia RS4 Replica versions advance the concept of sport bikes for young people to maximum levels of technological refinement, implementing stylistic and technical solutions found in the RSV4. The RS4 “gaze” is immediately identifiable and, thanks to the particular headlight, it gives it a deeply aggressive look. The compact and sleek tail fairing is a true work of design and integrates the LED taillight. The passenger portion of the RS4 125 Replica saddle can be replaced with the removable single seater shell painted to match the body, a touch of sportiness inspired by racing bikes. The frame and engine emerge boldly as fundamental stylistic elements on these small Aprilia super sport bikes. On RS4 125 one additional detail underscores the level of sophistication of the bike: the exhaust, which is unmistakably inspired by competition machines, is completely integrated within the lower part of the fairing.


Aprilia is universally recognised as the manufacturer of ultra-fine chassis and the RS4 Replica versions are no exception. The frame is created based on the exceptional experience gained over the years in top level racing and it adopts die cast aluminium spars with crossed reinforcement ribs.

A lightweight structure, but at the same time with torsional rigidity, capable of providing complete control even in track use.

The suspension system is top level: the sturdy 41 mm upside down fork with black anodised sleeves has a stroke of 110 mm, while the rear monoshock is fixed directly to the asymmetrical swingarm.

Braking system at the top of their class: the 300 mm steel disc at the front, gripped by a four piston radial calliper, works together with a 220 mm disc at the rear with a single piston calliper. The 17″ wheel rims” with six spokes are shod with 100/80 rubber up front and 130/70 at the rear.


The refined chassis house latest generation engines. The Aprilia RS4 125 Replica is powered by a 125 cc 4 stroke, water cooled, single cylinder engine with four valves and electronic engine boasting a sophisticated double overhead camshaft (DOHC) valve timing system.

his ensures not only the maximum power output permitted for the class, but also a smooth, linear delivery which is environmentally friendly, complying with the strictest emissions regulations.