aDD Aprilia Dynamic Damping
The brand new electronically controlled suspension system developed by Aprilia and protected by four patents, the benchmark in motorcycling on a global level where technology, efficiency and reliability are concerned. After aPRC, the highly sophisticated “package” of electronics systems which equips the RSV4 and Tuono V4, once again Aprilia demonstrates that they are pioneers in the field of electronics applied to bikes with the introduction of a suspension system which uses automotive components to guarantee maximum reliability: a glance to the future, thanks to its vast possibilities of development and diversified applications.

aDD has two primary objectives: one is to optimise rider comfort and the other is to further improve general rideability and safety. The system measures the energy transmitted by bumps on the road surface to the bike and adjusts the hydraulic fork calibration and shock absorber in real time to minimise accelerations on the frame and consequently maximise comfort. To achieve maximum performance at any fork and shock absorber operating frequency, aDD uses a patented “MIX” “comfort oriented” algorithm which combines the principles of the well known skyhook and acceleration driven damping algorithms.
aDD has two primary objectives: one is to optimise rider comfort and, in addition to comfort, rideability is also optimised and safety is increased thanks to further software strategies which are tied directly to the rider’s actions. The system recognises different riding phases (acceleration, throttle release, braking, constant throttle) and adjusts the baseline fork and shock absorber settings thanks to yet another patent which allows specific hydraulic calibration curves to be defined within the adjustment range. The great precision of the system is left to a range of sensors which are derived from the automotive world and which allow the forks and shock absorber travel speed to be very accurately measured. In this field, Aprilia has patented a unique solution for measuring the travel speed of the forks using a pressure sensor.
The aDD package also includes a built in piggy back shock absorber which is electrically adjustable in spring preload to 4 predefined settings, indicated by specific icons on the digital instrument panel: rider only, rider with passenger, rider only with panniers and rider and passenger with panniers.
This exclusive Aprilia system is patented as is the automatic preload control mode for the rear spring. Once this option has been selected, the system can detect the bike’s load by itself (weight of fuel, rider, passenger, luggage, etc.) and automatically adjust preload to the optimum value to balance the bike properly. This allows the rider to concentrate on riding and makes Aprilia the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to have introduced active suspension.



The ABS system prevents the wheels from locking under extreme braking or in the wet. The sensors on the wheels measure their rotation speeds. If one wheel is found to be near the point of locking, the ABS system cuts in. The ECU sends a signal to a hydraulic actuator which increases or decreases brake pressure until grip is restored thus preventing the wheels from locking. This provides the best braking possible in relation to the road conditions at that time and ensures stability of the bike as well as rider safety.


aCC Aprilia Cruise Control

Aprilia Cruise Control allows the desired speed to be set and maintained even on uphills and downhills, without touching the throttle control. The system disengages automatically if the rider touches any of the brake/clutch Cruise Control commands and is very useful on long motorway routes because it helps save fuel and makes the ride less tiring.

aprcThe dynamic control suite derived directly from the winning technology used in the world Superbike series, the most complete and refined of those currently available on the market. This dynamic control suite is still the only of its kind to offer auto-calibration and wheelie control and includes: aTC (Aprilia Traction Control), aWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control), aLC (Aprilia Launch Control) and aQS (Aprilia Quick Shift).

aTC Aprilia Traction Control
The exclusive traction control system developed by Aprilia to get maximum grip out of any type of surface and to give the rider greater confidence while at the same time improving safety.Two speed sensors allow the control unit to determine bike speed at any given time and use a sophisticated CAN-bus communication system to interact with the engine ECU. If the rear wheel is found to be rotating faster than the front wheel, the control unit determines the slippage of the rear wheel and interacts with the ignition advance and injection timing systems to limit the amount of torque produced by the engine thereby preventing loss of grip.
The 8 different settings (3 on the version not combined with the aPRC package) can be selected for different types of road surface and riding style. They allow the rider to extract the utmost performance from the bike whether on the track or provide enhanced safety on the road.

aWC Aprilia Wheelie Control

Exploiting the full power of modern superbikes down to the very last unit of horsepower is every rider’s dream. Aprilia’s aWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control) has achieved extraordinary results. Thanks to the exclusive Aprilia patented Wheelie Detection System, the aWC is able to “tell” when a wheelie begins and ends and kicks in to soften wheel contact with the road. Smooth, soft wheelie management avoids harsh power cuts or pick-up, providing perfect acceleration control. The aWC system is activated from the instrument panel and can be adjusted independently from other control systems choosing from three settings to better meet rider requirements.

aQS Aprilia Quick Shift

For ultra-fast electronic gear shifting without closing the throttle or using the clutch.
When you’re after the fastest possible lap performance, you can’t afford to waste even one thousandth of a second in an apparently simple operation like shifting gears. The RSV4 APRC features an electronic gear shifting system known as Aprilia Quick Shift which delays spark advance for an instant and then gradually restores it, making for super-fast shifting with no need to close the throttle or use the clutch. The system works hand in hand with the new closer ratio gearbox to limit any drop in rpm during shifting for faster lap times. To optimise AQS performance, Aprilia engineers have fine-tuned the “cut” in power based on the revs at which a gear change occurs.

aLC Aprilia Launch Control

Launch system for track use only with three settings. The perfect start is yet another racer’s dream, because a good start frequently means you’re half way towards a victory. When the lights go out however, handling the huge power of modern superbikes is no easy task. Unless the bike can look after itself to provide the best possible start. The aLC (Aprilia Launch Control) system ensures an instant start as the lights go out, applying full power to the road to assist the rider in this critical moment of the race. All the rider needs to do is open the throttle wide and release the clutch as he normally would then shift up through the gears. The aLC system has three settings that can be selected from the instrument panel menu, then it must be “armed” at standstill, by squeezing both traction control buttons on the left handlebar joystick at the same time.
it+technology-aprc-4RbW Ride by WireA highly sophisticated electronic throttle that at one time was the preserve of competition bikes. Now serves to help the rider get the utmost performance from the bike. The RbW system communicates with the engine ECU to get the best from the entire power band to provide instant smooth acceleration from low and medium revs right up to top speed. An efficient engine also offers the great advantage of lower fuel consumption.

aMP links the bikes to the world

Aprilia Multimedia Platform (aMP) is the innovative app that completes the accessory installed on your Aprilia Caponord. The app establishes a wireless connection between your vehicle and your iPhone transforming it in a sophisticated multifunction on board computer, always on the Net.


The smartphone touch screen panel allows you to choose four parameters among a big number. Speedometer, rpm indicator, engine power and torque, instant and average fuel consumption, suggested gear, longitudinal acceleration and extended trip computer: these are but a few of the functions available. Two different dashboard styles (analog and digital) are can be switched in every moment at your convenience. A blinking of aMP virtual dashboard indicates Aprilia Traction Control (aTC) intervention and you can set an useful shift light at your favorite RPM. The shift light may be deactivated or left in automatic mode: in this way the maximum suggested RPM is calculated based on coolant temperature. With aMP you can store all the journey data and review them later, on your computer. In the easiest way, your will be able to analyse your trip and riding style thanks to a host of parameters acquired by the app in real time.

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Easy journey

Piaggio aMP boasts a series of contents that are meant to enhance the riding safety. If fuel is low, the system automatically tells you which petrol stations are closest and guides you to the one you chose on the map*. aMP automatically stores the last position of the vehicle before the engine is switched off, and gives indications if you forget where you parked it.* *with iPhone navigation utilities or third parties apps.

Exclusive software

With the synergic use of gyroscopes and vehicle signals, your iPhone/iPod becomes an astonishing roll angle estimator in the bends thanks to a proprietary algorithms derived from Aprilia Racing SBK applications. (Available from iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th generation). aMP will be available for several Aprilia models: keep in touch!